Introducing Birdie Eye Changing the way you approach the game of golf.

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Find, follow and watch flyovers of courses near you

With Birdie Eye, you can find and follow courses in your area, book tee times and view unique flyovers of each hole. View courses from the air before, during, and after each round. The best angles, all the holes, voiceovers with the pro's secrets and suggested approach, all in beautiful HD.

Keep score with a reimagined scorecard and track progress

Create and save digital scorecards for each round you play on Birdie Eye. Plan outings, invite multiple players, keep track of advanced stats like fairways hit, greens in regulation and putts, and view analytics on each round. Track your recent rounds and chart your progress across many different variables.


Share experiences and follow golfers

Golfers are competitive. The greats hate losing and have a will to win. Birdie Eye is a social platform that allows you to follow your favorite courses and the golfers in your area. Track other players’ performance, see what’s in their bag and compare yourself to your peers. Share your experiences with your friends on Facebook and change the way you approach the game of golf.

A whole new way to golf

Birdie Eye gives you an incredible collection of tools at your fingertips to be the best. The Birdie Eye iPhone app (Android coming soon) allows you experience the courses you love in new ways.


Watch Flyovers

Download course flyovers to your iPhone so you can watch flyovers on courses that don’t have strong internet connections. Flyovers includes hole information and suggested approach voiceovers.

GPS Yardage

View how far you are from the green and other key obstacles in an interface purposely designed for efficiency and to avoid draining battery life.


Start a round and keep track of all your scores - including advanced options like fairways hit and greens in regulation.